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Welcome to the only web site specifically dedicated to the high pelvic levels of amputation, HemiPelvectomy and Hip-Disarticulation.

As the least common lower extremity amputations, most of us have existed in isolation. Even within existing amputee support groups, chances are you’ve never had the opportunity to meet or talk to another in the same situation. New amputees and their family members have had no single comprehensive source of information on dealing with this level of amputation. With public access to the Internet, this is changing.

The purpose of this web site is:

PEER SUPPORT AND COMMUNICATION: To provide access to a network of HP and HD amputees, both recent and veterans. We are the experts willing to share what we’ve learned through our life experiences for the benefit of all.
INFORMATION: To provide relevant information about the latest prosthetic technology, where and how to find it, and to help you become informed consumers. Non-prosthetic use is a valid option, and alternative adaptive technology and concepts are addressed.
EDUCATION: To provide a forum to interact with those professionals who impact our lives. To correct existing misconceptions in the medical community and provide a teaching and educational resource for both the amputee and the professional.

This is an open forum; all hemipelvectomy, hip-disarticulations, and their family members are welcome to participate and share their personal experience and opinions. The advice and knowledge of interested Prosthetists, Doctors, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and all other related professionals are invited and appreciated.167,908

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This site is non-profit, voluntary and privately produced. The information presented is solely the personal opinions of the author, and is in no way to be construed or accepted as medical advice. It is highly recommended you consult with your professional health care providers for guidance.

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