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Lack of socket comfort is probably the most common reason for rejection of a prosthesis by our level of amputation. One of the older studies done about this issue concluded that only 15% of all HP/HD's will wear their legs long term.   Over the last ten years, this statistic has been increased to over 65% due to two changes:

Contoured Socket Fit
Softer Materials 

I am NOT an expert about prosthetics. In my personal quest to get a new leg made, I did a lot of reading, research and asked a lot of questions. What I learned is presented here.  If you're interested in reading the original articles for yourself, some of the references are:

The Amputee Coalition of America recently published an article in their magazine "In Motion" about fitting a Hemipelvectomy and Hip-disarticulation prosthetic.  March/April 1999. This is now available on-line at the following address:

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"The CAT-CAM-H.D. A New Design for Hip Disarticulation Patients" by John Sabolich, B.S., C.P.O. and Thomas Guth, B.A., C.P.O. Reprints are available by contacting:

RGP Prosthetic Research Center
6147 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92115
(800) 5451932

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"Hip Disarticulation: Prosthetic Management" by Tony van der Waarde, C.P., F.C.B.C. and John W. Micheal, M.Ed., C.P.O. This article can be accessed on line and directly downloaded from:

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"Ottawa Experience with Hip Disarticulation Prostheses" By Tony van der Waarde. For copies contact:

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TO THE PROSTHETISTS:  Your input is welcome.  I am grateful for any pictures or illustrations that may be better than what I have presented.  Please e-mail to the address below in JPG or equivalent graphic format.  Photos may also be mailed and will be returned upon request.

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